THE VAMPIRE KNIFE (The Witching Hours, Book 1)

The Vampire Knife COVERThe Spiderwick Chronicles meets Stranger Things in this thrilling new series for only the bravest of readers.

Anna and Max love scary stories – but when the children find a mysterious knife on a dark and stormy night, truth soon becomes stranger than fiction. Left alone to explore a creepy Transylvanian inn, the children discover that something evil is lurking in the trees – and it just might have a taste for human blood.

When Max goes missing, it’s up to Anna and her new friend Isabella to rescue him. Setting out in the dead of night, with the storm howling around them, the girls will face peril after peril. Only one thing is certain: even if Anna can find a way to rescue her brother, Max will never be the same again …

The Vampire Knife is the first book in The Witching Hours, a spine-tinglingly spooky new series by Jack Henseleit for readers 8+.

Available August 1, 2017.