CROSS BONES 2 – Out Now!

A skullduggerous sequel.

Ahoy there, mateys! Keep a sharp lookout today, for a brand new book is ready to launch: Cross Bones 2: The Dog With Two Tails!

The Cross Bones series is a celebration of classic adventure fiction, and this second volume delves into the “jungle” subgenre, trading the high-seas high jinks of the first book for a treacherous river cruise. On this quest our intrepid dogs will explore torchlit temples, clash with big jungle cats, and even compete in a horse race commentated by frogs. You know — those three classic tropes!

Canine cartoonist Chris Kennel Kennett is also back on board, and if you thought his work on book one was good, then strap yourself in — you ain’t seen nothing yet! Chris truly went above and beyond on this second volume, filling the pages with thrills, spills, and so many rabbits. I’m not sure how many rabbits it was reasonable for me to ask Chris to draw, but I definitely must have got my numbers mixed up at some point.

I’m so proud of this silly sequel, and especially the ways it tips its fedora to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which is my favourite sequel (or prequel) of all time. If you enjoyed book one then I genuinely think you’ll love this one too — and if you haven’t read book one yet, you’re in for a treat, because now you can read these two adventures back to back! Wow-ee — you sir are luckier than 128 rabbits’ feet!

I’m also very happy to confirm that Cross Bones 3 is in full production: the words have already been written, and Chris will be starting the drawings very soon. There’s a clue to the plot at the end of book two, but I’m afraid I’ll have to desert you here before I give away too many details. We’ll be hoping to launch the third adventure in March 2024, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch up on books one and two — hooray!

And that’s all she wrote. May your sails be trimmed and your butts be scuttled. I’ll see you again in August!

One thought on “CROSS BONES 2 – Out Now!”

  1. Hello.
    This is exciting news! The Cross Bones series sounds like a fun and adventurous read for all ages. The illustrations seem to be top-notch as well. Looking forward to the launch of book two and the upcoming book three.
    Thanks for sharing.

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